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We Think. We Do.

Antfood combines unorthodox experimentation in new modes of audio interaction, with bad-ass composers, sound designers and producers in full-service facilities in NY, SP & AMS.



  • Original Music

    Always made To order

  • 3D / 360º / Spatial Sound

    For XR, AR, VR, MR, RR, Installation

  • Supervision & Licensing

    Expertise and Strategy to find the one

  • Audio Post Production

    Mix / Mastering / VO

  • Audio Concepting

    A Roadmap with directions

  • Sonic UX / UI

    Concept, design & implementation

  • Sound Design

    The Craft

  • Sonic Identity

    Affinity & equity through sound

  • Prototyping For New Media

    Non-linear playback & interactivity

  • Emerging Tech Solutions

    AI, Generative, Procedural & Interactive

  • Brand Audio Strategy

    Giving you what you need

  • Project & Partner Management

    Production, Coordination, Consulting

  • Voice

    Casting, Record & Sweeten

  • Installation Design

    System, Hardware & Layout Recommend

  • Hand-Holding

    Through the hard times


Antfood’s studios are built around Vintage Neve, Audient, SSL, and Universal Audio consoles and interfaces. We boast a rich collection of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments and a world-class microphone cabinet. We prioritize sonics and ergonomics to ensure that each project sounds fantastic and creativity flows effortlessly.

While honoring audio innovations of the last century, Antfood focuses on forward-looking solutions for emerging technologies and new media platforms. Antfood is pioneering hi-end audio production for non-linear and spatialized projects like XR, games and physical installations. We design, build and hack custom hardware and software to capture human gestures, create novel performance interfaces, and develop unconventional audio systems for immersive installations.



Together, our studios include twelve control rooms, three live rooms, isolation booths, and production facilities filled with talented, lovely human beings.

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