Antfood collaborated with Holbrooks directors Daniel Gray and Tom Brown to create an eerie soundscape for this disturbingly twisted short film. We got our hands (and teeth) dirty in intense Foley recording sessions, which involved multiple trips to the dentist, capturing, freezing and recording flies, dragging a serrated knife along a poor soul’s teeth, and manipulating porcupine and coyote teeth that we ordered on Etsy. The film has been honored and featured at Sundance, SXSW, and several other renowned film festivals.

Synopsis: Things of worth are often neglected in favour of that which might be more immediately gratifying. Unfortunately, the things that are neglected are often lost forever, irreplaceable. This is the story of a man with a misguided and intense focus – one which started in his youth and carried on to old age. His life events are chronicled through the loss of his teeth – and how his obsessive efforts to amend what was damaged bring on yet further destruction.