Build the future*


Antfood lives in the future, exploring the boundaries of what is possible today. Here are a few creative tech initiatives we are tinkering with.

Spatial Sound

Antfood is often tasked with tackling problems that don’t have off-the-shelf solutions. In composing for diverse physical spaces — we needed a custom, malleable workflow to bring our creative to life.

We developed a custom, 3D mixing engine and spatializing tools to explore these exciting new dimensions. The applications are immense — cultural events, corporate atria, community spaces and beyond.


Our talented team of composers, sound designers, & creative technologists utilize this tool to perfect our spatial audio production, processing, and rendering.

Built around Ircam’s Spat, we’ve constructed an engine and custom tools to conceive, prototype and render rich, dimensional audio for any space and speaker layout — constructing lush, immersive soundfields, animate audio sources in multiple dimensions and create psychoacoustic effects that move molecules, hearts and minds.

Brainwave Synthesis

What if you could compose and control music with your mind? We explored using Muse’s affordable EEG to analyze 5 brainwaves, facial tension and heart rate to generate unique soundscapes for each user’s measured mental state. We are further developing the software and incorporating AI compositional tools, to offer bespoke, interactive musical experiences for all types of immersive audio projects.

Sensory Organ

We collaborated with dear friend and multi-sensory artist, Emilie Baltz to combine smell, sound and sight for the Dream Machine. Pressure data from the eight hand pumps trigger interactive audio, yielding a multi-user compositional experience.

After touring around 4 of 5 NYC boroughs, The Dream Machine has found a permanent home at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey.

Music & Mood

We’re exploring a path to a smarter search, catalog and licensing platform to better reflect the way music is created, discovered and utilized in media today. Our mission is to create and curate quality music for a fragmented world. Stay tuned for more.



Coming Soon

  • AI Composition
  • Music From Plants
  • Cymatic Phasing