Think you can hack? Try hacking audio.

In the summer of 2022, Antfood worked with Google’s Creative Lab to develop the sound of Hacking Google: a six-part series of never-before-told stories delving into the work of Google’s five elite security teams and how they keep us safe online.

Hacking Google is not just a series for watching’s sake. It is simultaneously an urgent PSA, notifying us about the myriad ways we are vulnerable online, as well as a way to drive interest in the information security area.

To further engage budding “ethical hackers”, the Creative Lab wove a number of puzzles and challenges into the Hacking Google series, giving rewards to the first people or teams to find the answer.

In addition to composing an original score for the series and devising a unique sonic language for the cyber world, Antfood was given a special task from the Creative Lab:

Incorporate hidden messages into the soundtrack in unconventional ways.

Game on.